hey tampa bae


what’s up


My name is Anastasia.
Welcome to my blog!
Whether you landed here as a result of your search engine or an Instagram stalking spree, I’m excited to have you here.

I have always loved to write. When I was little, I wrote stories during recess instead of playing jump rope with the cool kids. My popularity decreased even further when I skipped 7th grade and became the nerdiest human in the history of my private school.

Writing is and always has been my favorite way to express myself.

When my emotions became particularly overwhelming, I would write. And while I am significantly less loner-ish now in my 20’s, I still use writing as my main therapeutic mechanism.


This blog has gone through many transformations over the years, but it has always been my most authentic outlet, for better or for worse. It has been a place for me to talk about my mental health struggles, my issues with food, my breakups, and my cross-country moves. However, at one point, my blog became far too much like a diary.

I was sharing my personal information for everyone to see, way before I had given myself the time or space to interpret my emotions.

I am so grateful that I took that step back, because I am more whole now that I have ever been. I feel like I’m in a place where I can share my life with people, and it might actually be helpful. Adulthood has treated me well.


I’ve been able to weave writing into many of my jobs post-college— shout-out to my marketing job at Air Express— but I have missed my personal outlet desperately. As a creative person and an entrepreneur, I need a place where I can write however I want about whatever I want.

I also believe that, as a fitness instructor and a consultant for Rodan + Fields, it can seem like I have all the answers. This is especially true on Instagram, where my life is shared as an extended highlight reel.

However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I am figuring it out, just like everyone else.

I’m hoping to share some authenticity here on the blog, especially to my fellow Tampa baes, because I know there is a desperate need for it.


It’s so easy to assume that everyone who looks beautiful on Instagram is leading the perfect life. But we’re all just people, trying to figure out how to eat more tacos without gaining weight.

I hope that I can be your authority in the 813, but I also hope that I can be more than that.
So if you’re looking for anything, from crow pose tutorials to skincare to business advice to friendship… hit up yo girl. I’m just an email/DM away!


a little more about me... 

hometown: vero beach, fl
career goals: apparently nothing to do with my degree #oops
favorite food(s): guacamole, SUSHI, wine (it counts)
most likely to binge on… sex and the city re-runs and halo top cookie dough ice cream
guilty pleasure: anything and everything related to the bachelor franchise
favorite book: the versions of us
where i want to travel: thailand so i can chill with an elephant
favorite way to sweat: cycle or yoga at DEFINE where I teach duhhhhh
more about me: i'm a grammar nazi & i've been to disney upwards of 50 times