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getting JUICED @ soho juice company

Stacey OswaldComment

I used to be the kind of person who went on juice cleanses. 

Now, I consider a green juice to be a nice snack in between normal meals... typically accompanied by something else, because let's be real, my snacks are never that small. 

Juice cleansing was always rough for me. I tend to get super hangry if I wait too long to eat, so when I kept myself from eating all day, things got a lil cray. I apologize to my college boyfriend for dealing me during those rough times- I can't imagine it was pleasant. 

But alas, I now refrain from juice cleansing and instead enjoy regular trips to juice bars during meal times. In my opinion, there is nothing quite as sweet as a post-workout acai bowl. It's the perfect amount of food when you're hungry right after a workout but aren't quite ready for a full meal. I typically get mine without granola, so I can save room for solid food a little later on. Also I hate granola. Sue me. 

Soho Juice Company has quickly become my favorite place to go after killing a class at CAMP (where I work- check it out here). You can make your own acai bowl, and for a girl who hates eating the same thing every day, this is KEY. Their smoothies are pretty solid, but they also really shine through their juices. I have yet to try one that I haven't liked. Oh- and it's on South Howard, so it's incredibly convenient for us South Tampa folks. 

Here is a pic of my exact order from Soho Juice the other day. It's probably my best bowl to date, so feel free to copy me! I loved the addition of spirulina to the base- it wasn't overpowering at ALL- and the almond butter actually helped to fill me up. Other recommendations include the pitaya base (you can't beat the pretty pink color) and the cacao drizzle (chocoholics unite). 

My mom got the Berry Buzz smoothie, which she enjoyed. I had a taste of it, and I wasn't a huge fan- it's not quite sweet enough, and I think it could benefit from the addition of more bananas or a dash of honey to counteract the super strong cold brew. However, it's still a good option if you're looking for something caffeinated, frozen, and healthy (AKA not a Starbucks frappuccino). 

On to the juices, which I was able to sample before buying (their customer service here is on point). My favorite, without a date, was Upbeet. It's super fruit-forward without being aggressively sweet, and I still felt healthy with the addition of beets. If you're looking for something a little more green, Tropikale is a great option. Definitely make sure you're a ginger fan if you choose this one, because it's pretty strong, but it helps to mask the bitterness of the kale and spinach. I have a weird thing for alkaline waters with activated charcoal... I lived in LA for a while, and it was HUGE there, so I kind of got used to it. Thus, my choice of the Midnight Mule, which is as delicious as it is nutritious. My mom got the Daily Grind, and I preferred it over the smoothie. It was perfectly sweet, and I'd love to start every day with one. Unfortunately, my bank account would never survive with that habit, so I'm sticking to my Chamelon cold brew. 

I also can't forget to mention their cookies. Totally different from FK's, which are much more cake-y, but equally delicious. They're dense and not overly sugary- more like a protein bar in cookie form. I love having one (or three) in the morning with my coffee! 

So there you have it folks. Proof that a food blogger can be health-conscious... sometimes. Just don't ask me to give up my solid food, okay?