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how to build the perfect bowl at FK

Stacey OswaldComment

Fresh Kitchen is my go-to spot when I want something quick, semi-healthy, and delicious. I live for their BBQ chicken, sweet potato noodles, creamy white ginger sauce, and of course, the paleo chocolate chip cookies. I go at least once a week, and with that 25% discount (perks of working for Ciccio Restaurant Group), it can't be beat. 

I've heard from FK newbies that creating a bowl can be a little intimidating upon first glance- there are so many options, and while that can be exhilarating for frequent FK-ers, it can also be overwhelming if you don't know what to get. But have no fear- your guide to Fresh Kitchen is here. I'm going to walk you through how to build the perfect bowl, so you'll be ready to order without the anxiety. 

Let's begin with that lovely case of juices and desserts when you first step into line. I typically don't find myself reaching for a juice to accompany my meal, but I do often grab a couple to have for later. Cafe No Moo is a perfect conduit for more cold brew (I recommend 4 oz of Chameleon Cold Brew as an add-in), and Slimberry is my favorite mixer/chaser of the moment. Oh, and please don't move forward in line without grabbing the paleo chocolate chip cookies. Go ahead and skip the zucchini brownies (something about the texture is off to me), but those cookies doe. They are everything. 

Now, it's time to get started on your bowl. If you're just an average level of hungry, go ahead and get the four bowl- it comes with two bases, one veggie, one protein, and a sauce. Only spring for the six if you want leftovers or are starving post-workout, because dat shit is filling. As for bases, I typically recommend either a combination of sweet potato noodles and kale slaw or the new cauliflower mash with summer salad. The summer salad also goes super well with the coconut rice, if you're looking to carb up. I just typically prefer to go heavy on the veggies for bases, because I like to splurge on proteins and sauces. 

Next up: (more) veggies. When the brussels sprouts are in season, they are the obvious choice every time. Alas, I've found myself going for the broccoli a lot lately- it's perfectly roasted with just a little char, and you can't beat that hint of parmesan. Mushrooms are a good choice if you get steak for your protein, but otherwise, I like to go green.  

Protein time! Here is where things can get really exciting, because I've yet to try a protein that I haven't enjoyed. I typically go for the BBQ chicken or the new buffalo chicken, because I rarely eat chicken, and they way they cook it is on point. However, vegetarians should be more than pleased with their tofu, and pescatarians will be obsessed with the poke. If you're in the mood for chicken tenders but are feeling health-conscious, their baked almond chicken is delicious. Just make sure to load up on coconut sriracha if you go that route, because I find the almond chicken to be a bit on the dry side without sauce. 

As for sauces and accoutrements, I keep things consistent. I almost always add avocado, and the creamy white ginger sauce goes well with all of my favorite combinations. But I went through a coconut sriracha phase a while back, so I also recommend that highly. If you chose the mushrooms and the steak, definitely go for the balsamic. Other than that, feel free to move right along to checkout, because you're officially ready to eat! 

Obviously, everyone has their own preferences, so I wouldn't be surprised if your favorite bowl at FK is the polar opposite of mine. But that's the fun of going frequently- you get to try lots of different combinations and find your favorite! There's truly something for everyone at FK, even for the pickiest of eaters, so go ahead and try it if you fall within the 10% of people in Tampa who haven't. Even Gronk went to FK while he was in town. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.