hey tampa bae

i'm moving to FLORIDA!!!

Stacey OswaldComment

So I'm officially moving to Florida... in less than a week!!!! 

Though this will be my third move in a year, I'm feeling surprisingly calm about it. Florida is my home- it's the place I feel most comfortable, even after five years in Nashville. I'm ready to move back to my happy place, especially because I'll be moving with a pretty special someone to a city that is fairly new to me: Tampa. I'll be starting classes at the University of Tampa to prepare me for graduate school, and I'm hoping to volunteer at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay to help me get experience dealing with mental health. Soooooo excited to be busy again! 


I'm also pretty pumped to Floridify (yup just made that up) this blog a bit in the upcoming weeks and months. It will be exciting to share my experiences in a brand new city, and I hope that I'll be able to provide fresh and fun lifestyle content to my readers. Think: apartment tours, city recommendations, travel tips, etc. And of course, I'll be focusing on how to stay balanced and healthy despite a massive amount of upheaval/change. Not to curse myself, but I'm quite positive that it's possible :) 

Anyways, that's the update- stay tuned for some road trip posts, because in T-minus four days, I'll be hitting the highways!