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moving SUCKS. here's why

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Me, before move #2 (September 2015): I just can't wait to move back to Nashville and start my new job and move into my new condo! Seriously, bury me in Twelve Twelve, because I'm never leaving!!! 

Me, before move #3 (June 2016): Well... here goes nothing. 

It's no secret at this point- I'm sick of moving. I thrive on routine, and when I'm forced to change everything and live out of a suitcase, I get thrown majorly out of whack. Plus, there's the whole omg-what-if-I-made-the-wrong-choice anxiety that graces me with its presence at least once a day. In case any of y'all are about to move, whether you're changing cities or changing states, here are some issues to prepare for, along with some coping strategies that might help: 

Issue #1- Does Publix have a rewards program? 
In other words, most of my money recently has been spent on alcohol and food. I have a stress eating problem, okay??? Plus, living on the road for two weeks meant limited access to green smoothie breakfasts and homemade vegan dinners. Thank God for yoga pants.
How to cope: Yelp. While on the road, I used Yelp to find healthy restaurants and juice bars so I could confirm that at least one meal a day would be healthy. I also used Yelp to find workout studios, which gave me an excuse to get my sweat on and afford myself some personal time.  

One of my fave workout stops along the way- hot yoga barre in Richmond! 

One of my fave workout stops along the way- hot yoga barre in Richmond! 

Issue #2- Why is everyone so ANNOYING?
If I don't consistently make time for myself, I will inevitably become a raging bitch to everyone around me. My family, friends, and the people at Brighthouse can attest to this fact. Sorry guys. 
How to cope: Good communication and a lot of apologizing. Contrary to popular belief, being a bitch doesn't make you a bitch. As long as I recognized that I was acting out of line, I was able to maintain my relationships through apologies and good deeds. But pro tip, while I'm at it? Make time for yourself so you don't have to get to the apology stage. I recommend exercise, because happy people don't kill their husbands duhhh. 

Issue #3- The nostalgia is real. 
I miss Nashville... a lot. It was my home for almost five years, and I hate how out-of-place I've felt since leaving. I worry that I'll never find a home base like it again. Plus, I really miss my cowboy boots. 
How to cope: A lil dose of reality. When I first moved to Nashville, I hated it. Even after five years there, I still hated the winters and the traffic and the lack of ocean access. The grass ALWAYS looks greener, no matter where you move, and I've found that making a list with a place's downsides can really help when you're feeling nostalgic. This same strategy works when coping with a break-up. Just sayin. 

Issue #4- I'm lonely af. 
Even though I moved here with Paul and live by family, I've still found it difficult to be in a place without pre-established female friendships. I've dabbled in the world of Bumble BFF, but it can feel like Tinder sometimes which is awk. And is there really any way to make friends at the gym or the grocery store without seeming like a lesbian? 
How to cope: Get outside. I'm an introvert, and even I get sick of being by myself after a while. I've learned to really appreciate a nice walk outside or a quick jaunt to the mall. Surrounding yourself with people, even when you're not hanging out with them, can be super helpful for curing loneliness. 

Issue #5- Seriously though... what if I shouldn't have moved? 
This will inevitably come up as you adjust to a new location. Maybe you'll hit really bad traffic and miss the days where knew where the eff you were going. Or maybe you'll just find yourself missing your favorite restaurant/juice bar/fitness studio. It's natural to feel nostalgic and it's natural to wonder if you made the wrong choice. But unless you're legitimately miserable (ie. depressed 7/7 days a week), you might want to try sticking it out. As I mentioned before, it's helpful to write down the things you didn't like about your past home, but it's even more helpful to write down things you love about your new home. Basically, pro-con lists are the secret to life. 


There you have it, folks! Hopefully you'll learn from my moving mistakes. And if not... at least pick some good wine for your drunken pathetic nights alone. I recommend Slow Press Chardonnay.