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When I first started applying to jobs in Nashville, after living in LA for the summer, I was offered an interview at a company called Peridot.  The job ended up being HORRIBLE, like door-to-door sales horrible, but I had an amazing experience before the interview that completely made up for it. I got my hair done at The Dry House in Green Hills, and it was sheer perfection. Here's why. 


Coming from LA, I wasn't expecting to find another great blowout bar. There's a reason Drybar is so famous- they do a great job with blowouts, and I always left feeling polished and professional. However, there's one thing missing from Drybar that The Dry House has in spades- Southern charm. When I walked in, I was welcomed like a long-lost friend. And when I told them I wanted to feature them on my blog, they were incredibly gracious and excited about the opportunity, which was nice to see as a fledgeling blogger. Just based on walk-in appeal, The Dry House was already blowing Drybar out of the water. 


After taking my before picture with this super-fancy selfie light (yes such a thing exists and it's amazing), I began the actual blow-out process with my stylist, Katy Minton. If you end up going to The Dry House after reading this review, book your appointment with her because she's the best. She's incredibly sweet and talkative without being annoying- by the end of my appointment, I felt like we were best friends. Plus, she did an AMAZING job with my hair. I walked in feeling disgusting and left feeling beautiful and empowered, which was more than I could ask for! She also really seemed to care about my hair, which sometimes doesn't happen at blowout bars, especially those that charge extra for using hot tools (Babe Beauty Bar, I'm looking at you).

You can see how great my blowout was from my before and after pictures, but what really sets The Dry House apart is their ambiance and attitude. You will feel special and cared for at this salon, and beyond that, your hair will look more polished than you've ever seen it. So book your appointment HERE, and for more details, check out their stats below! 

Name: The Dry House
Location: Green Hills, on Crestmoor
Services: blowouts, styling, braids, makeup application
Price: $40 + tip for blowouts
Parking: free, in the small lot in front
Other: book your appointment with Katy for a truly great experience!